Christmas in Krakow – free textures for you

What do you say? That it is already February and I’m writing about Christmas? Yes, this is my procrastination in its full glory. I should be writing my theses insted I’m checking this from my to-do list. I’m not going to write about my journey to Krakow where we met a sweet talkative Polish girl and a bit confused Canadaian girl… not about the fact that we all spoke czech (our international language), nor about accomodation, weather, food, but about a gift that I brought from Krakow for you!

During my visit I collected 3 series of textures that I would like to share with you. I use them a lot. Let me know, what are you going to use them for…

So here is the first collection. Click below, leave me your mail adress and you will find those textures in your mail. 

I’m planning more of those, so stay in touch.

Vánoce v Krakowě